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5th Annual Halloween Candy Buyback 2015


If you end up with too much candy this year, feel free to bring it by our office.  Each year we participate in Operation Gratitude and buy back halloween candy to include in care packages to troops stationed abroad.

Here is an awesome story from Corporal Brian Atkinson when he and his company received care packages while in Afghanistan.

Often soldiers were working out and trying to get in shape. So they actually used some the candy to give to local children when on security patrols. “Children would chase our truck. Anytime we were on patrol or going through a town, we’d throw candy. The Afghan people loved it. It really put a smile on their face. A lot of the kids, even age 8-13, they work in the shops. So they were so excited to see us. They got to feel like a child when we come around and give them candy. It made you feel really good because they have a very hard life. Harder than you can imagine.”

UPDATE:  Nov 11, 2015 – We shipped out 59 pounds of candy today!  WOW!  Best year ever! Thank you for all your contributions!

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